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Finding allies

UC strives to be a supportive community — we want all our students to succeed, both academically and personally. If you need help navigating the transition to UC, here are some ways to find allies on campus.

students walking through a yellow hallway at UC San Diego

1. Find student organizations

Campus student organizations can offer support and advice, and members are often happy to speak with prospective students about their experiences at UC. Reaching out to other students can help you know what to expect and how others in your situation have handled unique challenges.

Regional/national organizations:

Campus-specific organizations:

Many of these organizations use Facebook or other social networking tools to connect online, and welcome questions from prospective students.

  • Associated Students of UC Irvine – Get DREAMS
  • Dreams @ UCI
  • Dream Bar Association (UC Riverside)
  • Migrant Rights Awareness (UC San Diego)
  • PODER (Providing Opportunities, Dreams, and Education in Riverside)
  • RISE (Rising Immigrant Scholars through Education) (UC Berkeley)
  • SALE (Students Advocating Law and Education) (UC Merced)
  • SED (Students Empowering Dreams) (UC Merced)
  • SPEAK (Scholars Promoting Education, Awareness and Knowledge) (UC Davis)
  • SIN (Students Informing Now) (UC Santa Cruz)

2. Identify mentors or staff who can help

Every UC campus has a designated liaison for undocumented students. These points of contact can answer questions, provide guidance, and help you navigate the campus environment to meet your needs. Find campus support on your campus.

Keep in mind that, regardless of who you approach on campus, your immigration status will remain confidential. You will not be denied assistance or services due to undocumented status.

3. Look for orientations/receptions for undocumented students

Some campuses have orientations or receptions for undocumented students. Attending these events can be a good way to make connections with current students who can help you identify helpful resources around campus.